Prolific Nights

Pay attention to what keeps you up at night. The result from resolving that restlessness could be a dream come true.

I’m Sorry For..24

by Desiree on June 27, 2018, no comments

For the last few months, I’ve felt myself creeping back into a very dark place that I found myself in at the beginning of this year. Ironically this is the time that I always feel is my second new year, so I guess here we are. On the outside, I’m sure no one can tell. Especially since I’m the one who is giving the encouraging words and sharing the goodness of my God and the power of faith. Don’t get me wrong, I still have good days and I still hold my values and positive outlook on life dearly, but what I feel is not based on circumstances or doubt, I don’t know what it is and I know I need to seek help. I know I should tell my friends and family (other than my mom and God) or a therapist that I need encouragement too, that sometimes I don’t care to see it through or see my dreams come to fruition, that sometimes I feel like giving up on everything I’ve worked so hard for and that the worst part is…I don’t know why.

I just had a birthday and I was surrounded by my closest friends who love me, but the entire time I felt more alone than I ever have. At one point I was literally and figuratively alone. The entire day I heard, “what’s wrong with you, Des?” “it’s your birthday, you should be more lit than all of us” “what more do you want” “I want you to be fun Des” Meanwhile no one had any idea what I really felt, feel, and have been feeling inside.

This isn’t a cry for help. No one has to call me, or pop up on me, or buy me flowers. Just let me stay to myself in my shell, share a word of encouragement with me one of these days, pray for me and don’t tell me you’re praying for me just do it. And if there is anyone dealing with something similar or if you’ve overcome it, comment or send me a message on how you are coping or how you have conquered it.


I’m A Fan Week 1

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Here are my favorite things for the week. Like a Desiree’s Favorite Things.

Queer Eye Although I didn’t watch the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, this show takes me back to What Not to Wear which is the first show that made me want to be a stylist back in elementary school. What’s also great is that it’s not only for straight guys, there is an episode making over a gay man who came out of his shell. These guys helped break down walls, barriers, and truly changed lives from the inside out. 


imPRESS Manicure 

So, I’m currently freelancing and trying to look and feel my best on a budget. I’ve been holding off on the manis and pedis to save my coins, but I couldn’t take it anymore! I’ve been giving myself manicures for the past month or so (yes soaking in a bowl, pushing my cuticles back etc) but I need that gel manicure feel with a little length. I went to Walgreens looking for the most basic press-ons and came across a straight gem! imPRESS gel press-ons require no glue and leave behind no mess after removing. My nails actually feel better! I think it may have to do with the enclosed cleaning wipe used before putting them on. These are a great $7 investment when you don’t want to dish out your money at the nail salon. 


Man Repeller’s Iconic Black Sitcoms of the ’90s: A Visual Homage to Their Style and Influence One of my favorite concepts so far this year. Some of the best Black shows of the 90s reimagined. And I must add that only Shiona Turini would reimagine Joan from Girlfriends in a power suit. Shoutout to Man Repeller for continuing to embrace US! Check it out here.


PROUD I absolutely love BTS, but this post has me anticipating the video for 2 Chainz’ PROUD featuring YG and Offset. This embodies the song, and clearly, their mommas ain’t raise no hoes cause they mommas ain’t no hoes. 

This concludes my first I’m A Fan. Hope you want to see more of this! 

2017 Style Trends

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What we saw this year from our favorite style icons and in our fashion week shows, as always, served as a preview for the guidebook on what is to be in vogue in the present and near future. 

Berets Two falls ago I decided that the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe would be a black beret. My exact thought to myself was, “everyone is gonna be wearing these in another year or two.” Here we are. Although they haven’t flooded timelines across the board, they are popping up here and there. Even incorporated into some Halloween costumes. Some hits, some misses. Regardless, I guarantee the next time I go into a fast fashion store, I will see an assortment of them. I try not to be one of those people who refuses to wear an item because everyone else is…but I haven’t worn my black thigh high boots in over a year (which I also purchased before they were everywhere) I haven’t pulled out the beret yet and I definitely can’t promise any appearances.


Modesty Even though I am petite, I love clothes that are cozy and loose-fitting, so you know I am here for this trend! Whether a “tall tee” or roomy pant or sleeve, I’m all in. Another trend I am an early adapter of is dresses over pants. I’m all for mixing and matching and throwing a dress over some pants or jeans is a great way to create a new outfit or even wear something summery in the cold.


Soft, Feminine Glam In the midst of streetwear’s takeover and roomy clothes, there has also been a rise in effortless glamour in both fashion and beauty.
Something that I love to see because of our society’s current state. This trend is a reflection of our need for feminine energy. Coincidentally, the supermoons are happening and evoking it. Some characteristics of this feminine energy are synthesizing, being creative, and intuitive. Sounds like putting an outfit together or changing the world to me.


“the longer you stare at this, the stronger my powers become”

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Sequins What is more feminine and glam than sequins? You can literally light up a dark room with your head to toe glow.
The perfect example of the sequins done right is the lovely Alycia Bella. I’m a fan.


KAMILA in @ninatiarinyc SS18 💋 photo by @edward_james #ninatiariss18 #nyfw

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Skirts There hasn’t been a time that we just aren’t wearing skirts, but I love that right now that we are having more fun with the designs and moving further from midi and embracing mini and long too.


Beauty Complement these trends with your face, whether you prefer to beat it or keep it fresh. Either way, we are doing what is necessary to achieve a glow from each angle. Although a glossy lip is a classic, it seems to be a preference over a matte lip right now. Also, for a galactic glow from your makeup this winter, turn to only Fenty Beauty & Pat McGrath’s latest collection. 


Vertical Stripes As we are doing our best to make our money longer in 2018, stripes are helping us look longer too.


By @symphonyofsilk

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Logomania It only makes sense that the days of thinking of logos as a little tacky have passed with the importance of the brand and visuals increasing because of social media. Bring out the Aeropostale and Hollister tees! JK, but I have seen a lot of Von Dutch resurfacing and I am personally not all the way okay with this yet.


By @hannahcrosskey

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Suiting Suiting Suiting I have always loved Menswear or Menswear inspired on women. I personally shop in the men’s section as I’ve shared before and was even accused of stealing my friend’s shirt because I own the same one as him. There is just something about the craftsmanship being more structured and simultaneously roomy makes it perfect. You can also create a perfect balance to keep it sexy by putting a bralette underneath a blazer or going pantless.


cut from a different crop ✂️👖

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Hemlines Looks like we’re dropping the standard 5/8 hem and taking full creative control of our hems. Whether its flooding or a fringe, it’s in!

Curvy Curly Conscious LA

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Curvy Curly Conscious is a ‘Self Love Day Party’  devoted to women of color looking for realness, empowerment, and a reminder to love and care for yourself first. I was invited to attend as an ambassador for BASE BUTTER and honestly didn’t know much about the event. However, there was no hesitation in deciding to go since BASE BUTTER shares the same values rooted in self-love and care. I am so glad I was able to go because in this space it was revealed to me that I am right where I need to be, I have everything I need, and am already my sister self. I will get back to what that means.

CCC LA starts now! Welcome, LA tribe ✨

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Walking in we had no idea what to expect, but the tone was set when we were immediately greeted by volunteers and walked into an open environment filled with upbeat music beautiful women. My friend commented that so many people looked so poppin and we were in yoga clothes, but I reassured her that we were fine and weren’t the only ones. I imagine that others felt the same way, but I guarantee any discomfort, fear of uncertainty, or intimidation that they might have felt subsided by the end of the day. 

Setting the Intentions

During this session, we were reminded of the importance of our breathing. I am no stranger to breathing exercises or meditation but got introduced to peppermint oil and a new breathing technique that didn’t involve my usual counting. I have already been practicing the new breathing technique and can’t wait to try out Shelah Marie’s peppermint oil and candles.

Panel & Groups

After hearing from the panelists, we took a quiz that rated our wellness in different areas. We then broke into groups based on the area that needed the most improvement. Each group was led by a panelist and ladies were encouraged to visit more than one if we had multiple low scores. My lowest scores were in occupational wellness and physical wellness. I had a low physical score because of my slacking in getting my leafy greens and exercise. In occupational wellness, I was on the fence with every question, so I knew I needed help. This was the first time in the day that we actually talked directly to each other and realized that there are a lot of people struggling with the same things.


That food was great! That lemonade was amazing. We also got another chance to visit the vendors and get those massages in.

Trap Yoga

Talk about unorthodox. Talk about life changing. Trap Yoga! It was everything that you expect to get from yoga but presented in the most real form. @TrapYogaBae talks to you like that blunt friend who is going to tell it how it is and how we sometimes need to talk to ourselves. She asked us to stop feeling small in this room and to take up space! We said yes to things and said no to things, we commanded our butts to grow! We laughed, we struggled a little, we twerked and we applauded. If Trap Yoga is in my city I will be there.

Meditation + Journaling

The highlight of the day has to go to this session. I’m not even sure I can recall it in its true essence and portray the impact that it had on me and others. Especially those who, like me, decided to share our experience with the entire group. As you may know from a previous post, I always get something out of meditation moments.  We started with a back story on quantum jumping and our peppermint oil and breathing. Shelah Marie set the tone as the voice behind this guided meditation. Here we met our sister selves. “She is you, but you with all of the knowledge and answers that you need.” “She has a glow around her.” “What is she saying to you?” “Where is she taking you?” A few things I remember hearing Shelah saying throughout the journey.  It was amazing to hear how even though we all listened to the same person, we had completely different experiences. Some ladies saw their sister in the car, some floated in mountains, someone saw her actual sister, someone had a conversation with her estranged father. So evident that in meditation you get what you need and maybe even a conversation with someone you can’t have in their physical presence.  Here is what I wrote during our journaling right after:

I was able to see myself float higher and higher. I saw the door. I knew my sister self was there with everything before trying to open the door. I saw what seemed to by my life flash before me in just a couple seconds. When I opened the door she was not there because she had come into me. We became one. She is me. I think that means I already am where I should be and have the knowledge and everything right now. When she kept talking about all these other places, I couldn’t see anything anymore. From here I couldn’t even make up something in my head. I was right back on my mat palms up hearing my breathing and every other little noise around me. I am everything I need to be. I need to be present.

Power Hour

The end of the day was about networking, visiting vendors, still trying to get in for a massage, (I was the last one) cocktails, and dancing! 

Check out my full BASE BUTTER Instagram takeover below! 

Level Up

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One Tuesday night in July I had a cry sesh and I’m not a cryer. It wasn’t because I was eating noodles and drinking Sutter Home Sangria and watching The Bachelorette, but because I realized I’m everything little girl me wanted to be except married, high school me envisioned in Fashion & Textiles 1 2 & 3, and fresh college grad me prayed for last May. Although I have so much further to go, I am exactly where I am predestined to be.

The main reasons I can say I got to this place are the Law of Attraction and, of course, God. If you aren’t familiar with the Law of Attraction I highly recommend reading Think and Grow Rich or watching The Secret on Netflix. There is a Law of Attraction book, but I haven’t read it so I don’t want to recommend yet. However, to sum it up, what you think is what will be. If you think you’re gonna have a terrible day you will. If you keep saying you’ll die alone and be single forever, you just might shawty. One of the Four Agreements is to be impeccable with your word. So quit exaggerating how tired or broke you are, speak what you really want into existence.

When I made up in my mind that California would be my next move, I made an image that said “Cali Dreamin” my home screen and another “Don’t You Dare Give Up” my lock screen until I booked the first flight to see what it had to offer me. Some people write on their mirrors, send reminders to themselves, or put sticky notes all over the place. Whatever method needed to consciously or unconsciously internalize what they plan to manifest. For years I have fed my spirit with inspiration and discarded habits, things, and people that didn’t add anything to the mix of my next level. It has also been beneficial to take note of the moves of people I aspire to be like, whether it be books they read, methods for lifestyles and getting things done, or their actual path.

The last word I have is to do it. Whatever you need to get done, get it done! Quit waiting for the right moment or until you have enough money or time (you will probably never have both) and put that work in. Need help? Make that call, write that email, send the DM (tastefully.) If you don’t know what it is you need or need to do, map it out. Start with a goal then write out the steps necessary to get there. Even if you don’t think you can do it now, just write it out. Wrtiting things down with an actual pencil and paper is more powerful than you may think. A gamechanging tool in my writing outside of my journal is my Passion Planner. Highly recommend getting one, it will keep you on track. If you aren’t ready to commit to a purchase you can download a free PDF here.

If you’re in a rut or want to talk through what to do with your talent or ideas, seriously hit me up. I’m here and willing to help.


Brunch IN the City

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April 1st 2017 was one for the books. No April Fool’s, only the first April shower of success. I had this idea a while back and finally had/put together the resources (people included) to make it happen! From the graphic designer bringing my vision for the flyers to life, to the sponsors who had awesome engagement with our guests. It’s so important for young professionals and creatives in Indianapolis to fellowship in spaces other than the club scene. Our city can’t be popping until we create a network and utilize our assets. How else can we put our city on the map? 

She Doesn’t Like Bad Guys, She Just Doesn’t Want You 

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I have a bone to pick with all of the so-called nice guys. The ones who say they are faithful and do the right thing and consider themselves a good catch. For some reason, when a woman doesn’t show the same interest or curves you, you say that she wants an ain’t sh– guy.


Just because you are a “nice guy”  and she isn’t head over heels for you doesn’t mean she will be into you. Just because you do nice things or spend money or do any and everything you KNOW she likes, she still might not be into you and you have to be okay with that. Most of the time you are the same men who say, “I just need one girl who A, B, and C.” Find a girl who is A,B, and C, but still don’t want her. Men hire and fire women all the time because she just isn’t the one or she’s cool but.. So it doesn’t make sense to me that we can’t do the same.


Last year I (I guess) dated a guy for a hot minute. He’s attractive, 2 degrees, car, crib, apparently a little change cause he held it down at some nice places. He even cooked for me and bought my favorite vices. And rolled down the windows when we left campus one day so I was like okay you not tryna hide me! Good conversation, he has a laid back personality like me so we were on a cool little wave. He wasn’t pressed for sex, we never even kissed. But, I just wasn’t falling for him like I think he expected me to since he did everything right. One night after a party he told me he was really feeling me but I just wasn’t showing that it was mutual and basically wanted to make the most of the time he was still in D.C. I honestly don’t remember my response, but it was honest cause I’m player like that. JK. I did like him though, just not as much. And if the spark, vibe, connection, whatever you want to call it isn’t there.. it just isn’t there. It has nothing to do with a preference for a scum bag. We don’t want them either. 

And to touch on dates… Well really I need some questions answered. Somebody please do. Where did men get the idea that we ONLY go on dates for free food? Twitter? I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t the case sometimes. But know that it isn’t always the case guys. You have to use your discernment. And what are your intentions when taking someone on a date? Is it always to smash? If yes, why does that put a woman in the wrong for going out with the intention of getting a free meal? She could pass on sex and you can say separate checks. If no, what is so awful about this elemental gesture? A free meal and sex really shouldn’t even be compared, right?  Money isn’t an excuse because even if you’re broke you can do something for free. Think outside the box. And if you do have some money to spare, what is so bad about treating someone to a date? The worst that happens is nothing happens and I guess that’s too much to handle? I need a man to weigh in on this!

I Don’t Want Your Man, Cause I Got it Like That 

by Desiree on February 14, 2017, 2 comments

Here’s a little lesson, Desiree don’t stress ’em.

I’ll never forget freshmen year of high school on the cheer bus on the way to a basketball game shorty called me to the back of the bus to “talk.” Shorty was the girl who my boyfriend was “talking to” before we started “going out” and who didn’t let it go once we did. Now, I won’t put it all on her being delusional because he had to still be giving her attention for the way that her and her cousin (who he later told me he smashed after we broke up) to be soo bothered by our relationship. Anyways, she proceeded to tell me how much he sucked and how she was over him and how I could have him. I said nothing except, “okay,” and went back to my seat. Why? Because we were already back together. Why didn’t I feel the need to tell her that? In retrospect, that would have been so satisfying. Going 30 with all the petty hoes throughout high school (those two weren’t the only ones) would have been even more satisfying. But to be honest I didn’t even care enough at the time because he was MY boyfriend. I had nothing to prove to her and nothing to say to her. She had to have been alone on that Valentine’s Day when he was with me and asked me back out. She had to be the one up all day and night thinking about him and being hurt or whatever and talking about it with her girls until she decided she was gonna be over it and I could have him.

I guess I realized early on you gotta let people be in their space or be miserable, hating, trying to provoke you etc cause if you winning you winning. No need to bring yourself to the level they’re on and waste energy on dumb s— like men who end up with a whole new girl in the end.

I’ve been unbothered since way before we called it that.


The last time I had boy drama was a few years ago over my old college lover who had an active hometown ex (or maybe she was secretly still his girlfriend.) He also had many other tings around, but she was the only one who wanted to get something started with me. I can’t even get into everything that went down because there’s so much that I would probably leave out juicy details. Like I don’t think I even remember everything. To fast forward and make a long story short, she ended up sliding in my DM “as a woman” once she realized Twitter mentions like “ask him, how my —– taste” and texting my best friend thinking it was me wasn’t the way to get a response from me. Yes, she text my best friend. I think she saw “Desi Best Friend” in his contacts and thought it was me. She tried it!



I was over it so I spilled the beans from beginning to end and of course he had been lying to all parties involved. FYI if most of what he says about his ex girls is down talk on them (accompanied with uplifting you) or about how crazy they are that’s a red flag. What are the chances that all of them are crazy? It’s up to the individual how they react, so it’s possible they are all crazy regardless of what he might have done. However, recognize he might be talking you up to manipulate you to become the next crazy ex.

Something that just came to me rehashing that is another time this happened a year prior to that nonsense over the same person. A girl I was cool with, a mutual friend of a friend “came to me as a woman” or had me come to her room to talk as a woman. She pretty much told me she’d been messing with him and wanted to know the extent of my relationship with him. I spilled the beans. She basically said that was the confirmation she needed as to whether she would continue or not. She went on about herself a little and how he’s not someone she would bring home and she loves herself too much and so on. But one of the things she said I will never forget. She said at some point I would get over it and not want to deal with shenanigans anymore (which I knew at the time and would happen a year later) but that, “a plate is round so even though you’re the main dish on his plate you’ll still always be on the side of the sides.” I figure this is a good time to share a word with women who are dealing with this type of man. Step off the plate, girl. If you aren’t then at least don’t have his food touching. Let them fight over him.


I was at a different place then. In my short years of dating since high school, I’ve been through so much. There are only a few more things a man could do to me or put me through and I would prefer for those things to not happen. So I can proudly say that’s nothing like my current situation in the thing we call a love lifeI’m trying to get married one day sooner than later. *wink wink to bae out there*  I wanted to live and learn and man I have to be so young.  The type of problems I’m okay with having are like long distance problems and forgetting our anniversary or something.


The best advice I got from my mom’s friend is to just enjoy people. Get to know them. Everyone doesn’t have to be your boyfriend. Be their friend first because you’ll hopefully  end up having a good, uncomplicated time or the friendship foundation will mean so much more if things do get romantic. And don’t have sex with them, it only complicates things more. Have I taken all the advice? To the best of my abilities.  What I can say I’m consistent on is keeping myself and men stress free. I’m not saying avoid those tough conversations and don’t call them out on any wrongdoing. I am saying don’t be out here fighting, crying, and doing crazy stuff just to stay and tolerate the same bs. And trust your intuition. If you start feeling like you have to mark your territory or let these hoes know (we see them subtweets boo) something ain’t right and you know it. He nachos. If you are going to put up with it or do you, put up with it or do you. Stop wasting your energy.  I was graceful in my old situation because we weren’t together and I don’t fight to keep somebody who ain’t tryna be kept. I’m not in the business of forcing or finessing attention or love or a relationship. You can do whatever you want to do, but if it isn’t what you should be doing as my man then you simply won’t be my man. And by the time they’re ready to be kept I’ll be here for it or it’s too late.

Some time after my last straw, he asked if he could take me out on the date he owed me. Apparently he wanted to see where my head was at and figure out if he wanted to be with me or not. Jokes. Before we even went I already knew I was through. The conversation only confirmed it more. I essentially told him I deserved better and we remain friends today. I would like to say more, but I don’t want anybody coming to me as a woman ever again.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 9.47.22 PM.png

But it ain’t where he’s at its where he wanna be. And he’s gonna end up where he wants to be. So don’t trip, baby girl. 


Hashtags and Stilettos 

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So glad my brother put me on to this podcast. I of course can’t ignore the fact that Sakita Holley @misssuccess is a fellow Howard alumna ❤💙

I was initially only listening to the latest episode about brand partnerships because I’m not sure how to go about sponsorships for an event I’m planning. I liked it and decided to listen to another one and it was exactly what I needed to hear as I started my work day. Sakita talks about how feedback from an innocent email changed the way she moved until recently without even realizing it. Man did this episode resonate with me. I’m accomplishing a lot and making a lot of things I’m very proud of, but I almost never share even with my own business that I should be promoting. And y’all know how I wasn’t doing it for the gram for a while. I don’t like to brag and I don’t want people to think I’m feeling myself because I know the feelings other people’s posts elicit. Whether it be a “way to rub it in” or “she ain’t even blah blah blah.” I think I internalized that like I don’t want people to not like me because I pat myself on the back or to talk about how much I think I’m popping.

 Especially since I’ve been in my hometown cause I feel like people, even friends and family, would make me out to only be feeling myself because I’m here or feeling myself because of my time on the east coast. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said “you not on the east coast” “why didn’t you stay there?” “you not at Howard” “this ain’t D.C.” WELL SO F—— WHAT?? I like what I like I am who I am and I’m doing what I said I would do no matter where I’m at. And you know what? I don’t care if I bother anyone as I start sharing my progress/accomplishments or if they conjure up something negative to say.

“It’s past time to revel in and truly honor who we are.” Thank you Sakita! I will not dim my light.

Here is the next episode I listened to. Clearly I started listening from the latest and back, but now I’m listening from the beginning! It’s also available on Apple Podcasts.

2016 in No Particular Order

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started the year with a financial fast (used only cash, only spent money on necessities, no eating out or even window/online browsing)

blessed with Black shows like Insecure, Queen Sugar, Atlanta, Greenleaf

lost 8 pounds trading whole milk for almond milk and becoming a Flexitarian (it’s a real thing)

got my hair died violet, but you couldn’t see it. then it turned bright red then dusty red, and now it’s like a brown red but I’ve loved every phase

experienced being a nanny..for TWIN babies

became a networking queen

honored Kwanzaa for the first time

went a month with no heat, no braids, no weave, just my hair

became completely natural, curls for the girl

figured out what I want to do with life and put those million things into one long sentence

Graduated from Howard University & went to my first homecoming as an alumna

started a business and branded a creative collective

read more books than any other year. wish I could remember all of them. I’ll try to and put a list together.

Twenty 88, need I say more?

Solange (who dropped my personal favorite album of the year) on the top of the charts

the best year for music in general in a while

a joke of a presidential election

my people more woke than ever in my lifetime so far and I’m not being sarcastic

a rollercoaster from beginning to end, but I needed every second of it for what’s popping off this year and the next ones


How it Usually Goes

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This is honestly the best thing my brother could have sent our mom and me last night. I’m also glad I didn’t look at it until this morning because it was exactly what I needed to see to make my morning. His message with it was, “In case you thought your day was embarrassing.” Me being me, after initially cracking up, I thought of a deeper meaning. This is life. We start getting up dancing thinking it’s all good when in reality we looking goofy to God. So we fall, bad..bust our behind on the freaking stairs. I mean go to the very bottom. And just when we’re laying there not knowing what to do, God comes through with the giveaways!

The Best is Yet to Come

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So, it’s been a long few months since my last post and obviously even talking about my experience with The Artist’s Way as promised multiple times. Where have I been? In Indianapolis working full-time, part-time, doing seamstress work, giving back to high schoolers in my community, and getting some marketing services going. So many people have asked what I’m doing back here and have even said, “Ew,” when I tell them where I am. I made the decision to do five things, save money with lower cost of living, give back to Indy’s youth, network with the small creative community, be close to my immediate family for a little while, and get closer to my next destination. I’ve already gone back to DC twice, for my first homecoming as an alumna and for the inaugural Mimosas and Millenials Brunch. I would be lying if said I haven’t thought, “I really could have just stayed in DC or moved to NY,” which would be the obvious moves based on my experience (college in DC and living in NY last summer) and my career plans. However, I had to step out on faith and my gut to what would truly motivate me and push me to move forward to the life I’m supposed to live. I don’t like to broadcast each step of my progress or brag about the connections I’ve made, but, as DJ Khaled would say, JUS KNOW that I know I made the right decision and I am trusting the process because it will all come together and make sense in due time. I also want to encourage anyone who reads this post to do the same.

  1. Don’t doubt yourself and your decisions if you are following your gut.
  2. Work your behind off because it will pay off in the end.
  3. Start perfecting your craft and putting yourself out there, even if your work isn’t perfect or you aren’t getting hundreds of likes and followers.  
  4. Follow up
  5. No matter what..don’t stop, make time for it and do it!

NYFW September 2016

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This year’s Fashion Week was interesting to say the least. The implementation of “see now, buy now” where collections are available immediately after the show is being embraced. Some designers went with traditional runway presentations for S/S ’17 with press and celebrities front row, but many others took unique approaches to show their collections or chose not to present altogether. Tommy Hilfiger’s collab with Gigi Hadid was presented on Pier 16 and had a fair theme while designer, Misha Nonoo, revealed her collection on Snapchat! Thakoon was definitely one of my favorite Fall’16 presentations. Raquel Allegra and Assembly New York teamed up for a basketball gameIt’s safe to say the industry is all over the place right now and designers are doing what they feel is best for their brands’ bottom-lines while satisfying their customersJ. Crew and Tracy Reese stood out for me because of their inclusive presentations. I appreciated Louis Verdad for his private presentation because I think it’s important for some designers to still focus on the trade for their reveal rather than the buzz from who’s on their front row. I was disgusted by Young Thug, sparked blunt in hand, getting up and on the runway to fix a model’s collar. How could anyone have been focused on the clothes??

I had a few other disappointments during this week, but not from invitees, from designers. From the reviews I heard and the video from Elle mag, Yeezy Season 4 was literally a hot mess. Apparently Kanye had his guests waiting for hours after they had already been bussed to the location. The models were out there standing still for who knows how long and no one received any water. The collection had similar designs to the previous seasons with new neutral colorways. Models were embarrassing as they struggled to walk in their shoes and Amina Blue even took her shoes off after wobbling down the runway.

Here are a few articles about the show.

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Aside from Black models still not getting enough representation on the runway, two designers were caught appropriating Black culture and once again “introducing” things POC have been doing as a new trend. Alexander Wang had airbrush tees. Yes, like the RIP shirts a lot of people still get made right at the mall!! Now, merch is definitely trendy right now, Kanye West even has a RIP Donda shirt I’ve seen a few people with. However, when The Cut says “See the Alexander Wang t-Shirts you can’t buy anywhere” I have a problem. Marc Jacobs is another designer who let us down. His models, mostly white, had imitation locks. The outrage over Marc Jacobs doesn’t end there, he made two responses on Instagram that only dug him further into the hole. He first tried to justify white women in locks with Black women straightening their hair (BW can and are born with straight hair) and then thought he was enlightening people by sharing a post from Time headlined, “Don’t Rage Over Dreadlocks While African Americans Are Dying in the Streets.” This IS the problem right here. Click here for a short article on it his first response. 


As I said before, the industry is really all over the place right now. It’s only motivating me to work to make the changes I wish to see. I hope others working in and following fashion who have a burning desire to change something will do the same. And I hope we can do it together!


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